Nutrisystem week #10

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So if any of you missed my post about being in the hospital last week please click here. It will have an effect on my week weigh-in, I think. I am again writing with prior to weighing myself as to not cloud my thoughts of the week.
With being in & out of the hospital I am afraid i will have a lot of water weight this week. I was on an iv each time I was in and I was asked to drink a lot more water then I’m use to(100oz-140oz/day when I usually drink 60oz-80oz) but not able to pee easily. On top of all that I have not be able to eat as much as is recommended by Nutrisystem. The times I was in the hospital I would go over 12 hours without food and the days I was home I was either not hungry or was sleeping in a drugged up state. I also was not able to work out all week, making me feel sluggish and ugh. So we’ll see what the scales says after this week. Hoping for no gain, won’t be upset if I stay the same. I have a feeling once I can get back on track I will have a huge loss.
Earlier this week I talked about Thin Mint bars by Nutrisystem. I have to say they have been my comfort food for this week. I also am thankful so much for being on Nutrisystem. it has taught me a lot about potions and about not caving in to cravings. In the past when I would be ill I would reach for a bag of Cheetos or chocolate and site there eating my pain away. I’ve learned that the pain doesn’t go away by food and that I’m only hurting myself more by over eating and eating unhealthy. I am proud of myself with week and resisting all my temptations. And a huge THANK YOU to Nutrisystem for helping me through this.
So 10 weeks down and only 6 more to go on this blogger program. I really hope to be able to save up for three more months. If I can I will continue to share my story with you. Thank you all for your encouragement and for following along with me on this journey.

Last night I went back into the hospital. They used 1 and a half bags of iv fluid on me. Since then I have not been able to urinate and feel bloated. Because of this I know it affected my weight.


Now for the moment we all have been waiting for, the weigh-in. I weighed in at 222.3lbs today. For a gain this week of +2.6lbs and a total of 19.7lbs

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This is my official starting weight- 242 lbs. (Dec 25, 2010)
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