Nutrisystem week #11

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So this week I didn’t eat one ounce of Nutrisystem food due to how sick I have been. Today was the first day I had a full appetite. Because of this I plan on extending my blog updates by one week. I also hope to be able start back up this week, I know it will help me to feel better about myself and give me energy.

For the main part I didn’t feel like eating, I was so sick to my tummy. And when I did want to eat I ate what sounded the best/yummy. Nutrisystem helped with this though. I have learned through this journey not to go back to old habits. One of my old habits was to eat a ton of junk food and I mean a ton of it when I’m really down or not feeling well. This was the main reason I was up over 240lbs. So, when I did eat this past week, I thought about portions and choices of food. The foods I ate may not have been 100% healthy for me but I didn’t pig out on it and I would still only eat a few times a day rather then all day. So I hope we’ll see some good numbers this week, but I won’t fuss if I don’t as I’ve been really really sick and there are a lot of factors to weight gain here. (I also want to mention I am still having a problem urinating so I know I’m retaining a lot of fluids)

I forgot to share with you guys about my experience with calling Nutrisystem’s toll-free number(1-877-253-6512) to ask for some food advice that I had a few weeks ago. I called in asking about pizza toppings. I had been adding things like mushrooms, onions, & peppers. But I wanted to know if I could add olives. Olives are one of my favorite pizza toppings and I was hoping I could add some. The nutritionist told me I could use olives and count it as a fat serving(6 large olives count as one fat serving). YIPPIE!! I was so happy. The nutritionist also gave me other ides such as turkey, chicken, or tomatoes… They are always so kind and helpful whenever I call in and that makes me feel confident to call back anytime.

Another thing I wanted to share with you something that brought a HUGE smile to my face this week. On the US Nutrisystem site they have an incentive to earn Nutribears. For every 10lbs you loose you get a new bear(free) with your US order, it has a tag on it with a congrats and encouraging words that motivate me to keep working hard. Because I’m on the Canadian Nutrisystem plan I do not get this awesome incentive. A week ago my friend Susie said she had something for me that she thought would bring a smile to my face. This Thursday we had a (short) playdate and she presented me with a 10lb Nutribear. I was sooooo excited, perfect timing for my really bad 2 weeks. And she was correct I had a HUGE SMILE! It really made all my hard work feel even better then it already did. So THANK YOU Susie for your sweet kindness.

I also wanted to give a shout out to @NutriPRMeredith for getting me started on the blogger program and for all her support. I owe you(and Nutrisystem and Tildy) so much for helping me get started on the right healthy track!! Much love to you.


Now for the moment we all have been waiting for, the weigh-in. I weighed in at 218.2lbs today. For a loss this week of -4.1lbs and a total of 23.8lbs

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This is my official starting weight- 242 lbs. (Dec 25, 2010)
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