Surgery Day!

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Well today was FINALLY my surgery day!!! It’s been waaayyyy too long suffering from this stupid kidney stone. In fact it’s been a month, Feb 28th to be exact.
As most of you read the first week of my kidney stones I was in & out of the hospital 4x’s and they finally referred me to a specialist. I had a 6mm stone that just didn’t want to move.
For the weeks waiting I did pretty good managing the pain. I would take morphine and two hours later percocet and two hours later more morphine. I did this daily for 2.5 weeks. And even though the pain was managed my life turned to crap. The strong meds made it hard for me to think and even act. One time I went to change Moo’s diaper and I stood there for 5 minutes not knowing what I was doing. That scared the crap out of me and from then on we had someone else in for childcare. Chris’ mom came for a week which was amazing.
The meds also had me hallucinating and dreaming weird. Many nights I laid in bed just staring at the wall too scared to fall asleep because the “bugs” were going to get me.
Then there was the problem with constipation that most people get when on a lot of meds. I had to learn how to deal with that and sometimes the prune juice would give me the runs for way too long.
I also developed a bladder infection while waiting for surgery, another joy I got to endure while “managing the pain”. You see here in Canada you’re not an emergency as long as you can manage the pain. It doesn’t matter that I couldn’t act like a normal human being, doesn’t matter all the side effect. As long as that pain was managed I was OK. HAHAHAHA.

Yesterday, Sunday, the day before surgery my kidney started hurting again, REALLY BAD! I couldn’t even pee. I kept telling myself, I don’t want to go to the ER, just one more day, come on, on more day. But my stone had a different idea. By the time I got to the ER I was vomiting from the pain and really thought I was going to die. The nurse gave me a shot of morphine and something for nausea, 20 minutes later I was still in pain, so she gave me another shot of morphine, 20 minutes later STILL in pain, more morphine. FINALLY the doctor came and ordered more morphine and another pain med at the same time. Within 5 minutes I had relief. They ended up sending me home since I was having surgery the next day.

I am soooo glad to have had surgery. I still feel like CRAP!! My kidney hurts just as bad as before and I have a stent that burns when I pee, and I can’t sit properly because of it, BUT the stent will be removed on Wednesday and I am hoping I will be back to normal. I was actually hoping I’d be back to normal by tomorrow but I was put back on all the strong pain meds again. But at least I know that stupid stone is gone and that after Wednesday things will be back to normal. (I hope) I also wanted to say I had really amazing nurses and doctor. I felt at peace going into my surgery thanks to their kindness. (and of course thanks to God’s love)

THANK YOU ALL for your kind messages, encouragement, and sharing your “war stories” with me-making me feel not so alone in this and prayers. I am still very far behind on writing reviews and catching up on emails but I am slowing getting there. My brain is still foggy right now because of the meds, but I should be done with them on Wednesday and be back to 100% by this weekend. I need to be back to 100% for me if nothing else. But I miss my family, miss being a mom, a wife, a friend and I miss blogging regularly(blogging gives me energy).
Oh and for those of you who think in Canada we get “free” health care you need to realize it comes with a price. First off slow wait times, longer waits for surgery… because of the long waiting(at the ER and for surgery) we’ve had to pay over $1300. For meds, childcare, hospital parking, time off work. It all added up. So much for “free” health care, oh well, at least I’m fixed… for now…