Earthday- EVERYDAY!!

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I would have made a post about my thoughts on Earthday sooner but I was busy yesterday helping cleaning up our school grounds and also spending time with my family.

This won’t be long but I wanted to give you some simple tips on how to help keep our planet looking beautiful.

1- Don’t throw trash on the ground. Simple, yes? I guess not for some(a lot). You also need to know that cigarette butts are trash too. If you HAVE to smoke, don’t be a jerk and throw your butt on the ground. Find a proper place to dispose of it.

2- If you see a piece of litter on the ground and there is s a trash can near by, pick it up. Sounds simple enough but no one seems to want to take that extra second to do their part.

3- Pick up the trash in your own yard. I look around my neighborhood and I worry about how the inside of their houses must look if they are so lazy to not even pick up the trash in their own yard. A lot of times trash will be on the ground after the garbage truck has gone by. When you go out to get your trash can how about picking up the garbage around it and placing it inside? It’s not rocket science. And sometimes the wind will pick up the trash from your neighbor’s and place it in your yard. When you come back from somewhere quickly pick it up and throw it away in your garbage.

Those are just three ways I can see helping your planet out. To me they sound simple and I do them everyday. But I know to most they’d rather turn a blind eye to it and have the thought, “it’s not my garbage… someone else will pick it up”. I know there is more then just litter to our planet’s problems but picking up trash is the simplest thing anyone can do.

I have spent the past 3 weekends at my daughter’s school picking up trash. I plan on talking with the principal and seeing what we can do next year to get the kids involved in the effort to keep our planet clean. Plus teaching them at a young age to respect the Earth will hopefully help us in the long run.

Thanks for letting me rant.