Nutrisystem Week #14

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As most of you know I had surgery on Monday. I was hoping to get back to normal life after that but I was wrong. Tuesday I was in terrible PAIN, it was from the stent they put in. I called the the urologist and he said it shouldn’t be hurting and that he would take it out a day early. Before taking it out I was told I’d feel like a million bucks/so much better. I really didn’t believe them as I was in a lot of pain and there was no way taking the stupid thing out would make me feel better but it did!! I did feel like a million bucks. I went home feeling happy and positive my week would be better. I hadn’t eaten since Sunday night and it was Tuesday night. A family in our church made us spaghetti and meatballs. I knew it wasn’t Nutrisystem friendly but I was really hungry. It tasted wonderful too.
About 9:30 Tuesday night I started to have really really really bad pain again. Same as having a kidney stone. The doctor had told me if I had any really bad pain to go to the ER immediately. So I spent a few hours in the ER for them to “control my pain” and send me home, it felt like a waste of time, but oh well. Wednesday morning was worse, lots of pain AND I was throwing up uncontrollably. I couldn’t even keep half of a cracker down. That was the rest of my Wednesday, throwing up and not eating. Thursday morning I woke up with even more pain, the throwing up had gone but my kidney HURT! I called the urologist again and he said I shouldn’t still be hurting but it’s not totally uncommon. He said if by Monday I am still having this pain that he will order a CT scan to see what is going on.
Here I am Saturday morning typing this and I am still crappy and really depressed. Nutrisystem wise I haven’t eaten anything and when I did eat food I didn’t follow any NS guide, I was too sick and wanted to eat whatever would taste good and stay down. So one day we had pizza(only 2 slices, I use to eat over half of a pizza), spaghetti- I ate WAY too much of that, BLT on a whole wheat bun, freezie pops, chocolate icecream pops. Totally not a NS week for me. But it also wasn’t a much food week either. I knew when I weighed in I would loose weight, I had eaten enough for for abut 2.5 days and a week is 7 days if I’m thinking clearly, so I wasn’t getting enough calories.
With all that said I am adding ANOTHER week to my posts with Nutrisystem. It’s only fair to the people at NS and only fair to keep honest with you guys. So instead of 16 weeks you will be getting 19 weeks from me. I am really really really hoping by Monday I’m feeling better (although that isn’t looking too good) and that I can get back to normal for everything.
THANK YOU all for staying with me on these journeys. AND Thank you Nutrisystem for all you have done.

Now for the moment we all have been waiting for, the weigh-in. I weighed in at 208.6lbs today. For a loss this week of -3.7lbs and a total of 33.4lbs

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This is my official starting weight- 242 lbs. (Dec 25, 2010)

Disclaimer- I am part of the Nutrisystem Canada blogger program. They are providing me with free food with the understanding that I will be blogging and giving my HONEST opinion on the Nutrisystem Canada program. My opinion my differ from yours.

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