“But Now You’re Gone” 3 years now

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I had a miscarriage May 27th, 2008. I was 12 weeks along. It was a physically tough miscarriage and mentally painful. I got to see my baby when he/she came out and I don’t care what the medical world says, he/she was a baby. He/she had arms, feet, head, eyes, nose…
Below is what I wrote for our lost baby on the day he/she left us. A few weeks later we went to Build-a-Bear and created a bear in the baby’s memory and I put this poem inside with the heart. When I’m sad and missing our baby I hug this bear.

“We wanted you so bad
We dreamed of You
But Now you’re gone.

I dreamed of looking at your face
Of seeing your eye & smile
But now you’re gone

Oh my little baby how I long to hold you
How I long to whisper in your ear, “I love you.”
But you are gone

My heart longs for you
I look forward to the day we get to meet in heaven.
I love you my child.

Love, your mommy(May 27th, 2008)”