Elton John & Tim Rice’s AIDA- review

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Elton John & Tim Rice’s AIDA
“One of the greatest love stories ever told, Elton John and Tim Rice’s AIDA is the story of a Nubian princess captured and enslaved in Egypt.
Her captor, Radames (captain of the Egyptian army) soon is drawn to Aida’s strength and honesty. Not wishing her to be treated as other slaves, he arranges to present Aida as a gift to his ‘bride-to-be’, Amneris (daughter of the Pharaoh). Neither Radames nor Amneris know that Aida is a princess.”

My Thoughts-
I had the privileged of attending the Opening night of AIDA presented/preformed by The Community Players of New Hamburg. One of my good friends, Aaron, was in it. He talked about it quite a bit and got me excited to go see it. Plus I have always LOVED musical theater and I try to take any opportunity to go watch lives shows as I can. (my secret dream is to play bass clarinet on Broadway someday, even being in the choir would rock)

I will briefly talk about the story-line and music and then talk about the The Community Players of New Hamburg. The story line is amazing. Through out you are holding your breath in hopes everything will work out for Aida the Nubian princess and Radames the captain of the Egyptian army. Both should not be together. He’s promised to be married to another and her people have been killed and put into slavery by Radames. the ending will have you crying and sitting in wonder. If you are not near New hamburg I would encourage you to find a production putting Aida on.

When I hear the name The Community Players of New Hamburg I was thinking, small town theater. But after tonight I can say it’s just a touch under Broadway. The Community Players took a hockey rink and made it into a professional stage. With a simple set and amazing lighting.
The singers were backed up by a live orchestra, which sounded like it was coming from a CD, it was that good. The romantic leads AIDA (Joni NehRita) and Radames (Lance Green) were really believable. You felt like they were really in love. AND their singing was AMAZING!!! The whole cast as a whole was really awesome and very professional.
If you live close to New Hamburg I really encourage you to go out some time this weekend. Below are the dates you can attend.
Friday, May 13th at 8PM
Saturday, May 14th at 2PM
Saturday, May 14th at 8PM
Sunday, May 15th at 2PM

I met up with my friend, Aaron Balzer, after the show to talk about the it and to congratulate him.

FIND The Community Players of New Hamburg-

Disclaimer- I purchased my ticket on my own and was not asked to write any review. All opinions are mine and may differ from yours.