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hello everyone. This Summer I am looking for companies to work with that are any of the following- fitness, health, beauty or fashion. Our family has really been working on becoming healthy and feeling good about ourselves and I want to switch my blog this Summer to focus more on healthy, happy family products reviews. It can be anything from health food, supplements, workout programs, books(kids and adults on health/fitness), scales (food/people), exercise clothing, fashion clothing, beauty products such as lotion, make-up, jewelery, ect… All those things either make us look or feel good about ourselves and I’d love to share your product with my readers.
Below are a few photos of companies I have worked with in the past or will be reviewing very soon. this is just a small sample of the products I have reviewed that fit into the above categories.

If you would like to work with me please email me at bassgiraffe @ Also you can click HERE to read more about how I can promote you. (you can also check out links to my recent TV appearances at the link above)

I also wanted to note that I have a huge following from the USA and that from July 7th-July 30th I will be living in the States. So companies looking to ship/promote to the USA please feel free to contact me.