RevAbs Week #3

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Week #3 update for RevAbs by Brett Hoebel & BeachBody.
This part was written on Wednesday, June 1st-
On Monday I hit the week really strong. I had more endurance, could do more of the moves without modifications and I was feeling great. I even left Brett a message on twitter and he replied back. That even motivated me even more.

However I felt something weird in my knee while working out. After the session I made sure I cooled down and then relaxed. Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty good. I even went into the “RevZone” all three rounds. The lunges made my knee hurt but not enough to totally stop, I just took them a bit easier.
Wednesday my knee was hurting. It felt just like sore muscles so I tried working out. But I was only able to get through the first 15 minutes. I am now sitting here with ice on my knee and Advil in my system. I have no clue if or when I’ll be able to work out the rest of this week. I really hope it is soon but I also don’t want to push my knee too much and be out of commission longer. It’s killing me knowing I wont be working out much the rest of the week. I love the feel I get after working out and putting my all into it. Plus I hate to loose all the work I’ve done so far and have to deal with being weak again.
So hopefully when I write here again I’ll be able to tell you I’ve been able to get back on my feet and that I had a great weight loss. Only time will tell.
Written June 4th-
So I wasn’t able to get on my feet. But I can tell my knee is feeling better and I will be trying again this Monday. I did “workout” some while not on my feet. I did a bunch of the ab work that requires laying on the floor and that didn’t add any pressure to my knee. It felt good to be doing something. I wish I was doing more.

Food wise I learned a lot about myself. When I hurt my knee I got depressed and I ate, not good foods either. I know I will either have a weight gain this week or no loss at all. But I did learn some of my food triggers and I’m learning now how to work through them and have my husband help me with them too. I think eating and food is a team effort and I’m glad to know Chris is there to help me get back on track. This doesn’t mean I’ll be perfect in how I react to curve-balls life sends me but it does mean I will be looking out for them. Food has been a huge issue for me all my life. I was raised in a home that didn’t focus on healthy eating and that followed me. Each day I learn more, I become stronger and I hope to help my kids go on a better path.
I’m still waiting for our tax return so I can order my 3 months worth of Shakeology. I really do love this stuff.

–Why do I share all this with you guys? Well for one to keep me accountable but two I want to show you that real people can have real results. I know when I see workout programs and meal plans on TV I’m always like “yeah, they can do it, they are thin already” or “they must not have a family” or something else… None of those thoughts may be true but that’s what we are shown on TV and I’m hoping by showing you I’m real, I make mistakes but I can do this that you will think so too for yourself.

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ERICA’S Stats-
I weighed in at 199.1lbs today. For a loss(gain) this week of +1.6lbs and a total of -3.7lbs

(and for those of you that have been following me since Christmas 2010 my total weight loss is -42.9lbs)

CHRIS’ Stats-
Chris weighed in at 207.5lbs today. For a loss this week of +2.0lbs and a total of -6.1lbs

– we really jeopardized each other this week. I hate that but we learn from those down-falls too.

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Erica’s Starting weight- (May 15th) 202.8lbs
Chris’ Starting weight- (May 15th) 213.6lbs
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