RevAbs week #4 (1 month)

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WOW, 1 month down and 2 more to go of RevAbs by Brett Hoebel & BeachBody.

I have to say I’m feeling great!!! I have had my struggles these past 4 weeks but I am getting there and working hard at changing my life. My friends and family are noticing my differences too. One friend said “You look AMAZING, can I borrow your dvd’s?” and my SIL said “your tummy looks so firm. Would it be bad if I asked to borrow your dvd’s?” LOL, so obviously people are noticing and wanting to use RevAbs for themselves. And this is only after 1 month of toning and loosing more weight. Wait until I finish this program. I know I’m going to look amazing.
My two goals this past 6 months(when I started my weight loss journey) were to be healthy & teach my kids the importance of being healthy, and the second goal was to look great for my 15 year class reunion. I think both are attainable and I’ve learned so much these past 6 months that I hope to keep this up for my lifetime.

My eating this week was much better. I realized it’s silly to put my heart into working out and not eat right as well. I hope to see a big drop on the scale this week but even if I don’t I already know my inches lost is amazing. Even clothes I bought 1.5 months ago don’t fit anymore. Everything I own is too big for me. I’m happy for this but also sad because we don’t have the money to buy new clothes for awhile. So, I have this new body emerging but I don’t feel like I have anything to “show it off” with. At times it’s discouraging and I think of the silly thing my grandma said to me 8 years ago “Erica, your pants are falling off you need to gain some weight.” I know that will never be the answer for me again, but I still wish I had clothes that fit me now. To keep my mind from wanting to go back to the old me I donated almost all my “fat clothes” to a charity. This way I can’t say, “oh well, atleast I have clothes to wear if I gain weight again”. This is a total life change for me, not just a quick weight loss journey.

I still wasn’t able to Rev it high like I wanted to this week, my knee still hurts a bit. But I did workout everyday, I followed the modifier and took it easier on high impact cardio. We figured out my problem with my knee too. Our family room is in the basement and it’s a cement floor, I was jumping on it and it was too much for my knee. I did try using my kids foam square but they fall apart too easily and I was scared to twist my knee even more. So now we’re looking for real workout foam flooring to put in our family room.

On Thursday I will be starting Phase 2 of RevAbs. I was sent the “Phase 3” Full Throttle this past week to add to my workouts. So now instead of 2- 45 day phases I have 3- 30 day phases. I’m excited by this and very thankful to Brett for being so kind and sending me the next level. 4 weeks ago I would have been scared of switching to the next level but I now feel great and can’t wait to start new workouts. Just praying my knee will getting to 100% soon so I can be Rev-ing it as high as I can.

I also wanted to add that this will be Chris last week updating his stats. He hasn’t had the time to fit in extra workouts and is sad that he can’t do this right now. he does bike to work on nice days and eats healthy and is in general way more healthy then me right now anyway. He hopes to pick up the RevAbs in the near future.

(a short reminder about the giveaway going on for you to win RevAbs for yourself. IT ENDS THIS WEEK!)

Here’s a quick video of me working out to Power Intervals. Please keep in mind that it’s a lot of jumping and my tummy, although smaller it still jiggles.

Update video with a surprise for my long time followers and for my new followers a glimpse of where I came from.

ERICA’S Stats-
I weighed in at 196.4lbs today. For a loss this week of -2.7lbs and a total of -6.4lbs

(and for those of you that have been following me since Christmas 2010 my total weight loss is -45.6lbs)
ERICA’S Stats-
Height- 5′ 11″
Weight- 196.4lbs for a loss of 6.4lbs(total loss 6.4lbs)
Waist- 40.25 in for a loss of 1.25in (total loss 1.25in)
Hips- 41.0 in for a loss of 0.50in (total loss 0.50in)
Chest- 39 in for a loss of 4.00in (total loss 4.00in)
Upper arm- 13.0 in for a loss of 0.50in (total loss 0.50in)
thigh- 23.0 in for a loss of 1.50in (total loss 1.50in)
fat- 30.9% for a loss of 2.3% (total loss 2.3%)

Week one Photo-

WEEK 4 Photo-

I also wanted to share a photos of when I started my weight loss journey back in December. I just can’t believe how far I’ve come.

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Erica’s Starting weight- (May 15th) 202.8lbs
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