“Wallie Exercises” book review

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“Wallie Exercises” by Steven Ettinger
“Wallie is mostly a wonderful dog, but his super-laziness has become a problem. So his boy convinces him to go on an adventure to get fit. With a little help from a big friend, Wallie learns how to exercise. Will he enjoy the change from pudgy pup to healthy hound or will he return to his lazy ways?
Learn important fitness concepts while following Wallie on his hilarious journey to get in shape. A special section with more information and original exercises (performed by Wallie) will get every kid (and pup) excited about exercise.”

My Thoughts-
If you stick around this blog long enough you will see that our family LOVES books and we love talking about fitness. When I received an email from Steven Ettinger the author of “Wallie Exercises”, asking me to review his book I was super excited.
I or I should say WE, love this book. The colors are brilliant and the store is fun and easy to read. It’s about a lazy dog who one day couldn’t fit into his pants. His owner takes him out to the country where they met an elephant who teaches him the importance of exercise the importance of warming up first and staying hydrated… He also teaches the dog that not all exercises are meant for everyone and that we need to find what will work for us and what really matters is that we keep moving and have fun doing it.
Lee loved the book so much she wanted to read it over and over. It also was pretty easy for her to read(at age 5) and she enjoyed trying to figure out the words she didn’t know.

At the end of the book there are a few fun exercises you & your child can do together along with a group activity. There is a section in the back of the book teaching the meaning to a few words that have to do with fitness.
Not only is this book perfect for families but I would LOVE to see it in every classroom.

Here is Lee doing a few exercises from the back of the book-
Wallie Wiggle Wag Walks

Silly Shark Squat

FIND it-
Wallie Exercises
Steven Ettinger
Active Spud Press (order an autographed copy)
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