Wine & Cheese at Gibson Sound & Vision

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We had a fun night at Gibson Sound & Vision with their Wine & cheese. Sony Canada was present and did several demos of their products. My favorite was the 3D camcorder demo. You put on the 3D glasses and sit in front of a TV, and you see yourself in 3D!!! I couldn’t believe it, it was so weird. The guy doing the demo then moved his hand really close to the camera and freaked me out, LOL.
I also got to watch a video game being played in 3D, totally loved that. And I learned about Qriocity , so sweet. I love the radio and the fact you can watch current, new movies through it without having to go to the rental store.
I also got to see some familiar faces. First Steven from Gibson, he sold us our Tv, blu-ray and Tv stand. We also saw the ladies from Those2Girls and K/W Momstown and KarmicEvolution.
They also had our tweets up on the screen, which was cool to see. And tons of little and BIG giveaways. Chris got a hat and we both walked out with a clear mug(everyone got one of those). Just hoping to win the Sony 3D TV(we’ll see later…)
Lots of wine & cheese and TONS of fun. Thank you Gibson Sound & Vision and Sony Canada.

Photos of the night-