Yee Haw Adventure Farm

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(Yes, those are real goats up there)

A few weeks ago Lee’s class went to Yee Haw Adventure Farms in Cambridge, ON. I was very impressed with this Farm and how they run tours right away. They were very friendly and although there were 5 other schools there we had our own personal tour guide who was very knowledgeable. They had so much information that even I learned a few new things which I will share with you below.

We first got to go and see the sheep, they were so cute and all the kids loved saying “hi” to them. Next we went and say little ducklings. There we learned that they HATE being dirty, one even bathed in their water to just get the mud off.

We then got to see baby Turkeys which will be huge by October. Did you know you can not feed turkey food to chickens? It will kill them.

We went to the chicken coop next. There were some brown eggs and some white eggs. We learned how to tell which chicken would lay which colored egg. Did you know chickens have earlobes? And the color of their earlobes determine what color the eggs she will lay. So white earlobes lay white eggs and black earlobes lay brown eggs.

Next we saw the pigs. We there learned that pigs are very clean and like to have separate places for food, bed and bathroom. Also pigs roll in the mud to keep from getting a sunburn.
Later that day we got to watch a pig race, the kids LOVED that, we were team blue.

We then got to go on a hay ride through Beverly Swamp(a protected swamp and part of one of the largest protected swamps in the world)
“Grandpa” drove our tractor. The view was so beautiful. I could have stayed there all day if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes. While learning about the swamp and the animals that live in it we found out the little worms in the water were mosquito larva. (shivers)

After the ride we got to have snack time. The kids had goldfish crackers and apple juice. The cups that apple juice were in were then used to plant seeds. Each kid got to plant a seed(we have no clue what it will be) and brought them home. Ours in in our kitchen waiting to be replanted into our garden next month.

After snack we went to see the Mountain Goats. Did you know Mountain Goats have pupils the shape of rectangles? They love to climb.

Next was the donkey. He can be so laud that he can talk to other donkeys at the next farm. WOW!

After the donkey we then went to the pig races. Each class had a color to root for and even though our pig didn’t win the kids loved yelling for them. The people of the farm then lead us in a few fun interactive dances.

Next was lunch. The play time on the slides. This one was so big even us adults went on it. You have to use a rope to climb back up the hill.

I am so impressed with this farm and what they teach and do. I can’t wait to go back again soon. I hope if you’re ever in the area you will check them out. You can view their schedule here.

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