(Zellers) Sportek sports top- review

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This weekend I went out shopping for some clothing to workout in. I had lost so much weight since Christmas nothing was fitting me anymore. While at Zellers we saw a sale for their new line called Sportek. I fell in love with their sports bras/tops. I only bought one for now but after working out in it today I hope to get more soon. They fit comfortably, it holds my breasts in place and has a special technology that wicked up the sweat nicely. I was jumping around and didn’t feel like I was going to “fall out” like some sports wear I’ve tried before. I also loved that they had a TON of colors at the store to pick from.
If you’re in Canada I encourage you to check out your local Zellers for their new Sportek line.

Here are a few photos of me wearing it. I’m a bit embarrassed to show my body a bit but I am proud at how far I’ve come.

(hard to take a photo of yourself)
Disclaimer- I was not asked to write this review. I purchased this top on my own and wanted to share about it with my readers. This reflects my personal opinion and it may differ from yours.