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Quagmire Kids – full line of stylin’ threads for the skate park, surf camp, the golf course or detention – has a core focus on the heat-sensitive, color-changing ColorFusion shirts. A throwback to the Hypercolor fad from the early ‘90s, it blows the minds of a whole new 21st century generation with various styles of tees and polos that transform from orange to yellow, purple to pink, blue to white and green to yellow. ColorFusion changes colors when the temp hits 20° Celsius (that’s 68° Fahrenheit for Quagmire’s friends in the USA). For boys and girls, the shirts for ages 4-to-14 come in sizes XS-XXL.”

MY Thoughts-
I was so excited to be contacted by Quagmire Kids which is located in Toronto.

When I was in Junior High/High School shirts that change color with heat were very very popular. So it’s fun to have my oldest be one of the first in her school to have a shirt similar to this. I picked out a purple shirt that will turn pink with heat. She fell in love with the shirt right away and wanted to make hand prints on it and watch them fade.

It does take awhile for the color to go back but it is still fun it use. In fact it was so hot outside that when the package came and I opened it up I thought they sent me the wrong shirt because it was all pink, but within an hour it was a nice dark purple. A common misconception would be it would only change color in your armpits, but this is not true. The shirt will change color once on the body but it will have some purple spots and some pink.

The quality is great too, the seems are tight and the shirt fits perfect. I have only washed this shirt once but it didn’t change a thing about it. it still works and looks great. The great thing is you can wash this with your normal clothing.

They also make these shirts in adult sizes and I want one so badly. I never got to be one of the “cool kids” with the color changing shirts and I’d love to have one now.

FIND it-
Quagmire Kids

BUY it-
Also, in addition to being available online, Quagmire Kids pieces are now available at the Bay Store on Queen in downtown Toronto.
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