RevAbs week #8 (2 months)

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I’m done with 2 months of RevAbs by Brett Hoebel & BeachBody and only have one more month to go and it feels GOOD.

This week has been a very different week and although I’m not one to allow excuses this is a time I will have to. I worked out with RevAbs only 2x’s this week and did the elliptical for 1 hour another day and intervals on the treadmill for 45 minutes another day, so in reality it was 4 days of working out. So you may ask, “Why not working out?” Well, I’ve been traveling. I spent all evening Wednesday packing for our 4.5 week trip and then we left EARLY Thursday morning. Thursday night we stayed at a hotel and one of the things we looked for when booking a hotel was one with a gym. I’ve never worked out while traveling before so it was fun to get to do that. We then did more traveling on Friday and had not much sleep by then. Saturday was a blur but we were finally at our first destination and will be here for the next 2.5 weeks.
Usually when I travel I eat bags of chips, candy, candy bars, pop and fast food. This time we made a plan. We bought bags of dried fruit and nuts and bought a cooler and put a lot of bottles of water in it. We did stop at one fast food place and all of us only were able to eat less then half of our meal before we felt sick from the grease(thank goodness) so when we needed meals we stopped at sub places. Although I wasn’t eating like I normally do on my days at home I was proud of the choices I made. I know I didn’t drink as much water as I usually do either and I think this is the reason for my small weight gain and I think I’ll have a bigger weight loss next week because of it.
I’m visiting family and there are a lot of past temptations here, but I plan on keeping on track but allowing myself a few of the foods I only get once a year to enjoy.

This past month has been crazy for me with being busy and tired all the time but I really made an effort to workout everyday and eat healthy. I really am committed to living my life healthy and feeling good in my own body. You can see the weight loss wasn’t a huge number this month but my inches are going down and I’m looking GOOD.

ERICA’S Stats-
I weighed in at 192.7lbs today. For a gain this week of +2.7lbs and a total of -10.1lbs

(and for those of you that have been following me since Christmas 2010 my total weight loss is -52.8lbs(starting weight on Dec 13 245.5lbs))
ERICA’S Stats-
Height- 5′ 11″
Weight- 192.7lbs for a loss of 3.7lbs(total loss 10.1lbs)
Waist- 38.00 in for a loss of 2.25in (total loss 3.5in)
Hips- 39.50 in for a loss of 1.50in (total loss 2.0in)
Chest- 38.50 in for a loss of 0.50in (total loss 4.50in)
Upper arm- 12.50 in for a loss of 0.50in (total loss 1.00in)
thigh- 22.50 in for a loss of 0.50in (total loss 2.00in)
fat- 28.2% for a loss of 2.1% (total loss 4.4%)

Week one Photo-

WEEK 8 Photo-

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Erica’s Starting weight- (May 15th) 202.8lbs
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