Still on Vacation

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The last 2.5 weeks in Iowa were amazing. I love spending time with my family and seeing my old friends.

The girls took swimming class while we were there. it was kind of fun to see them learn to swim at the same pool I learned how to swim in. Lee did great, we use to fight with her to put her head in the bathtub, now she loves it, she even went of the diving board. Moo also learned so much. it was a parent/tot class so I got to go with her. Moo now LOVES blowing bubbles int he water. I’m so proud of both of my girls.

While at “home” I got to meet up with a lot of family & friends. I loved catching up with everyone and sharing some great laughs & memories.
The last weekend home was my 15 year high school reunion. We had a blast and I loved seeing all my old friends, a lot of which I’ve known since I was 3/4 years old. In the morning of the reunion we had a family time at a park, then in the afternoon a golf tournament, which was funny. One hole you had to hit a marshmallow, another stand on one leg the whole time. So much laughing. In the evening we went to a local bar and just hung out. I loved taking it all in and hearing all the noise of people being happy. I was sad to see it end, it will be another 5-10 years before I see most of them again.

While home we also did a big family photo of all of us. it’s rare we can all be together and our photo session at Sears portrait in West Burlington, IA was amazing. Our photographer listened to what we wanted, made us feel comfortable and also get us amazing photos.

On Monday this week we started our trip up to Manitoulin Island, where Chris’ parents live. We’ll be here for two weeks. I always love being here, it’s so peaceful and relaxing.
Our trip here was very adventurous. We planned on being at our hotel, Comfort Inn, in Mt. Pleasant, MI- Monday around 4 or 5 PM, but with bad traffic and road construction we didn’t get there until 8:30. We still took the girls to the pool, which was wonderful. The pool room was nice and big and the pool itself was heated. We then got the girls ready for bed and I went to the gym. They had a weight machine, treadmill, bike and stepper. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have an elliptical, but I used the bike and read a book on my NEW Kindle, Chris surprised me with. It was a great workout and so nice to move around after traveling all day.

The next morning we left for our final leg of the trip. Our plan was to be at Chris’ parents by 5PM, but didn’t get there until 10:45. We stopped in Mackinaw, MI for lunch and a stretch break. We noticed a weird noise in the van, so after eating we went to the local car shop, Kruegers Auto. He was wonderful and figured out what was wrong right away. The water pump was ready to break. So we had to wait for 5.5 hours to get it fixed. The nice thing is, Mackinaw is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m glad that if our car had to break down it would be there. We walked all around taking it all in and then watched a movie. The theater was empty with the exception of us so we had out own private showing of, Zookeeper. Funny movie BTW.

So now, we’re here in Manitoulin for the next two weeks. I’m pretty tired and kind of think we should have spaced out our visits but with Lee’s school going until June 30th this was the only way to be able to see everyone.
I’m still sorting through emails and answering them when I find time. All my blog posts(with the exception of this one) are all pre- written and set to post each day. So even though you may see a post up that doesn’t mean I’ve been on. I will get to your emails. And for companies that sent products to my home in Waterloo, I will be home Aug 10th and will be able to review them, then. It will just take a while to get caught up.