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“The ezShade is Linda M. Varga’s mominspired product that sprung from baking on the soccer fields. Linda noted that umbrellas/canopies provided only limited shade, the largest of which was when the sun was directly overhead. At any other time of the day the shade cast by the umbrella/canopy was very small and never under the umbrella/canopy. It occurred to her that if the umbrella/canopy had a lightweight curtain that provided a UPF 50+, spectators could spend more time enjoying the game than chasing the shade. To keep the ezShade from blowing in the wind she designed a bottom hook and loop pocket that adjusts to the height of your umbrella/canopy and can be weighted with sand, water bottles, and other lightweight objects on hand. Being a mom of 2 boys she knew that the ezShade had to be very lightweight and easy to use. The ezShade umbrella version weighs only 9 ounces while the 10×10 straight leg version weighs only 20 ounces. All ezShades come with a matching tote for convenient storage and portability.”

My Thought-
Most of you know that I have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks and the last half of our trip is on Manitoulin Island. We LOVE going to the beach while we are here but sometimes get annoyed with trying to avoid the sun. Nothing really seemed to work so when I heard about the ezShade for an umbrella, I couldn’t wait to try it out.
Unfortunately the beach we visit is windy, very very very windy(our sun umbrella wouldn’t even stay up) and it’s like that most of the time so we weren’t able to test out the ezShade there. But I know that not every beach is as windy as ours so I took our beach umbrella with the ezShade to the local park to test it out.
The set is is very simple. They provide you with sticky Velcro that you attach to your beach umbrella that then attaches to the shade. You then fill the bottom pouch(that is easy to undo with Velcro also) with sand or water bottles or something heavy to keep it from flying around with the wind. And there you have it, it’s all set up and ready to fun times in the cool shade. The ezShade also has little flaps that allow the wind to flow through it and not lift everything off the ground.
I loved this products and hope to visit a less windy beach very soon. Summer is not over yet and now is the time for you to pick up your own ezShade. Not only can you use it at the beach but as the inventor of this product has said, you can use it at sports events too. Or even in your own backyard.

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