BENGAY Announces Partnership with Olympian and Mother Dara Torres (GIVEAWAY)

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A few months back I wrote a review of BENGAY’s cold therapy. Now I’m sharing an exciting announcement below with another giveaway.

We are excited to share the BENGAY® Brand has announced their partnership with twelve-time Olympic medalist, best-selling author and mother Dara Torres!

Dara Torres, the fastest female swimmer and the first American swimmer to compete in five Olympic Games, has won a total of 12 Olympic medals. In 2008 and as a new mother at 41, Dara captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages in her comeback earning a silver medal in 2008 and continues her plans to compete in 2012 for her 6th Olympic Games. Talk about girl power!

As an on-going brand ambassador, Dara will help the brand promote a healthy and active lifestyle and recently assisted in the launch of the brand’s latest product, BENGAY® Cold Therapy, a product that combines the pain relieving power of menthol and the cooling benefits of PRO-COOL™ Technology to directly alleviate pain.

As a busy mom looking to stay fit and healthy, Torres leads an active and energetic lifestyle and act as champions of movement, making her a perfect fit the brand. With this in mind, BENGAY® worked with Dara to create a few lifestyle tips to help encourage and inspire active moms like you!

My ultimate secret to success: I’m often asked what my secret is to maintaining a rigorous training routine and my answer always seems to surprise people – recovery. Being older than most athletes doesn’t mean I have to train harder, but smarter. How do you do this? Conserve your energy. Make the most of your workout and then, let your body rest, disengage your mind and simply relax. It’s also a great excuse to see the latest movie or catch-up on your favorite reality shows.

Be a champion of movement: Age may just be a number, but pain isn’t. While it is important to push yourself in your fitness routine and everyday life, it is just as important to treat pain properly and appropriately. Rest and stretching are great ways to combat muscle aches. However, when rest isn’t enough, try BENGAY® Cold Therapy, which provides a blast of cold and deep, penetrating relief, or BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage, which contains unique applicator nubs to target pain directly. Both products will help you go about your day and live life without compromise.

I think therefore I can: Your home is a sanctuary, but it can also be a gym. When squeezing in a workout seems impossible, think again. A favorite trick I share with my fans – use canned vegetables to add extra oomph to arm curls and overhead extensions or, while watching your favorite TV show, challenge yourself to do push-ups, sit-ups and squats during commercials.


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