NORWEX Enviro Cloth & Antibac Window Cloth- review

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My friend Laura sells Norwex products and about 18 months ago I went to my first Norwex party. While there I ordered Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent, Dryer Balls, Antibac Enviro Cloth and Antibac Window Cloth. Today I will tell you about the Antibac Enviro Cloth and Antibac Window Cloth.

Antibac Enviro Cloth
“This multipurpose, antibacterial, microfiber cloth removes dust, dirt, and grease from all washable surfaces, while preventing the transfer of germs to your hand and cross-contamination between surfaces. Use it dry for dusting, or damp for cleaning walls, tiles, bathtubs, counters, metal surfaces, car interiors, etc. Between launderings, simply rinse, wring out and hang to dry. Available in four colours allowing you to colour-code for different purposes or rooms. “

Antibac Window Cloth
“The antibac window cloth allows you to clean your windows, mirrors, jewelry, and shiny surfaces with water alone. Clean dirty surface first with a moist enviro cloth, then polish with the window cloth for a streak-free shine. On less dirty surfaces, simply spray water on the surface and polish with the dry window cloth. “

MY Thoughts-
I love both these cloths. I was given a demonstration with their cleaning power at a home show. The home owner got their window very dirty with Vaseline, lipstick, syrup and all kinds of makeup. My friend, Laura, then showed us how to use these two cloths together. You first lightly wet the Antibac Enviro Cloth and then wipe the window all down. You then take the Antibac Window Cloth(dry) and then polish your window. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought for sure the window would be all streaky and smudge, but with the use of both cloths the window was totally see-through. I was sold and bought a set for myself. Once I got it I cleaned my front room window and within a few minutes a poor little bird ran into my window because it was so clean, sorry birdy.
Another feature I LOVE about these cloths are the Antibac component. As using it you know things without chemicals are getting totally clean and are safe for your family.

You can contact Laura at or visit her website at
I highly recommend Norwex products and hope you will contact Laura too. She can ship anywhere in North America.

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