RevAbs day #90!! (final post)

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Here is my week #13(90 day) update of RevAbs by Brett Hoebel & BeachBody.

WOW, 90 days have come and gone. When I started this I thought 90 days would feel like forever but it seems just like yesterday that I began. This week I am finally in the “comfort” of my own home. I was able to control EVERYTHING I ate, water in-take and same time to exercise daily. I know I felt it and my stats below will show you my body loved the consistency. On vacay I lost a bit of weight and I’m glad I didn’t gain anything, but there is nothing like being home and being able to control your whole surroundings to help you loose more weight.
This wee I took a look back at phase 1 workouts, just to see how I felt about them now. If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll remember how scared I was of these workouts. The killed me, made me sore, and I couldn’t do half the moves and was doing the modifier most of the time. This week I REVed it HIGH with those workouts. I was able to do them with ease and that helped me push myself even harder. Day #1 I couldn’t do any of the workouts with weights this week I was up to 10lbs in weights and if we had heavier ones in the house I would have been able to do that too.
When I started RevAbs my main goal was to loose weight and inches. But now it’s all about being/feeling fit, becoming stronger and feeling good about myself on the inside. Yes, the weight loose is important to me but feeling strong daily feels great. A few weeks ago I tweeted that I think I was addicted to RevAbs and it’s true. The days I don’t workout I feel it, my energy levels are down and all I want to do is sleep. That feeling reminds me of when I was fat and out of shape and I hate that feeling. Working out gives me my daily boost. And RevAbs and Brett motivate me to workout daily. Brett not only leads me through a workout but has encouraging words throughout.
My plan for here on out is to do RevAbs atleast 3 days a week, I know it will be more but I want to set the 3 day goal to allow myself time to do other fitness activities. I’m loving running and once our new rec-center opens I plan on swimming more too.
Would I recommend RevAbs to you? YES, I’ve already got a few of my friends/family onto it and they love it too. In the videos Brett says to be ready to have people ask you how you do it, what your your fitness/weight loss secrets. And it’s true daily I get people asking me advice. Although I still feel unqualified to be giving this advice I have to look at where I have come in these past 90 days and how far I’ve come since Christmas and know that I must have some info to share. This journey has been a lifestyle change, I love how I feeling and look and will NOT be going back. I look forward to updating my blog readers with how I keep it up. Along with the fact I have 5-10lbs left to loose and a lot more fat to burn off. I still have some people telling me this wont last but I know it will. I’ve already committed 9 months to my health, here’s to 50+ years of it.
THANK YOU, Brett, RevAbs, Beachbody and my PR contact for this opportunity. I hope to work with you all again in the future.

Doing one of the workouts that I HATED but now love.

My Camera ran out of power before I finished, but it got my point across.

ERICA’S Stats-
I weighed in at 180.7lbs today. For a loss this week of -5.8lbs and a total of -22.1lbs

(and for those of you that have been following me since Christmas 2010 my total weight loss is -64.8lbs(starting weight on Dec 13th, 2010- 245.5lbs))
Be on the lookout this week for a 60+lb celebration post!
ERICA’S Stats-
Height- 5′ 11″
Weight- 180.7lbs for a loss of 12.0lbs this month(total loss 22.1lbs)
Waist- 38.00 in for a loss of 1.00in (total loss 4.5in)
Hips- 38.25 in for a loss of 1.75in (total loss 3.75in)
Chest- 37.50 in for a loss of 1.00in (total loss 5.50in)
Upper arm- 12.75 in for a GAIN of 0.25in (total loss 0.75in)
thigh- 21.50 in for a loss of 1.00in (total loss 3.00in)
fat- 25.1% for a loss of 3.1% (total loss 7.5%)

Week one Photo-

WEEK 13(day 90) Photo-

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Erica’s Starting weight- (May 15th) 202.8lbs
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