“The Grace Card” DVD- review & giveaway

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The Grace Card
“Everything can change in an instant … and take a lifetime to unravel.
When Mac McDonald loses his son in an accident, the ensuing 17 years of bitterness and pain erodes his love for his family and leaves him angry with God … and just about everyone else.
Mac’s rage stonewalls his career in the police department and makes for a combustible situation when he’s partnered with Sam Wright, a rising star on the force who happens to be a part-time pastor and a loving family man.
Mac’s home life is as frightening as anything he encounters on the streets of Memphis. Money is tight and emotions run high as he constantly argues with his wife and his surviving son Blake, who is hanging with the wrong crowd and in danger of flunking out of school.
Sam Wright also never expected to be a police officer. He has a calling—to be a minister like his Grandpa George. But leading a small, start-up church doesn’t always put enough food on the table for a young family, so Sam doubles as a police officer. With his new promotion to Sergeant, Sam starts questioning if his real calling might actually be police work rather than the pastorate.
Can Mac and Sam somehow join forces to help one another when it’s impossible for either of them to look past their differences—especially the most obvious one?
Every day, we have the opportunity to rebuild relationships and heal deep wounds by extending and receiving God’s grace. Offer THE GRACE CARD … and never underestimate the power of God’s love.”

My Thoughts-

WOW, “The Grace Card” is a tough but really great movie to watch. It’s not only about acceptance and forgiveness but about the ultimate unforgivable thing that you can forgive.
I know I’ve been hurt by many in my life and I know for a fact I’ve hurt others back. There are even times when I don’t feel like forgiving them. But God can forgive all my little & big mistakes in life, then why can’t I. In this movie you see a man face the choice to forgive the man who killed his 5 year old son 17 years ago. For 17 years he(Mac) has harbored hate for this man and towards anyone of color because of the loss of his son. Mac is an angry man & cop, and he takes it out on the family he has left and his new colored partner. But there is a new tragedy in his life and he may loose the only son he has left. His partner is not only a cop but a preacher and he helps lead him to God. Both men learn about grace and forgiveness together.
There is so much more to this movie and I don’t want to give anything away. I really hope you’ll buy it, share it and talk to your church’s librarian to buy. This is something we ALL need to watch and take to heart. After watching the movie I wrote out the Grace card Pledge and have been praying for those that I felt I couldn’t forgive. it’s a freeing feeling when you let go of the bitterness and let God’s love and Grace fall upon you.

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