Lite Sprites review

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Lite Sprites use color and light to express their moods and feelings. Each Sprite has her own personality and domain in the natural world. The Sprite Sisterhood includes: Prisma, Astra, Meadow and Brooke. Bleak, the naughty Sprite, rejects color and uses her powers to eliminate or disrupt color in Lite-Topia.

My Thoughts-
We were totally excited to have a chance to review part of the Lite Sprites collection. When Lee came home from school the first thing she said was “oh my goodness, this is the best toy EVER!”. LOL, she hadn’t even opened them up yet, they looked that cool to her.
We opened each package and I showed her how to use it. We got the following- Meadow, Prisma & Lite Wand, Flower Playset and Lite Pets set 1.
I first showed Lee how to use the lite wand and see how it changes the color of her sprites, you can stand a pretty good distance from the Sprites and still change them(so far we’ve been able to change them from 6 feet away). The lite wand comes with the color flower-wheel that you place the wand on and it changes the light color, you then tap your sprite and she changes the same color. There is also a color game you can play with this and Lee loved playing that too, lots of giggles (the only negative thing I can say about the same is it “boos” at you if you mess up. Not a good way to encourage kids to keep trying or be good sports).
Both my girls played with the Lite Sprites for over 4 hours straight!!! They didn’t even want to go to bed. And the first thing Lee asked was if she could get more of them so she can make a town with them.
These are HIT in our house!! I know we’ll get a lot of fun days/weeks/months/years out of them. And I’m thinking we have a great idea what we can get our girls for Christmas this year. In fact we didn’t want to wait to get a second wand that we went to the store and got another one so the girls could each have their own.
YES, I recommend these. They are tons of fun and encourage your child imagination.

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In Canada you can purchase Lite Sprites at the following–
Canadian Tire
Home Hardware
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