Melissa & Doug- Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set- REVIEW

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One of Moo’s friends gave her a Melissa & Doug- Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set for her birthday. I love Melissa & Doug toys and was so excited to finally have a toy in our house for Moo to play with.
There are two yellow cupcakes and two brown ones. Each can be topped with different color tops that can be interchanged between them. There are also four candles that can be stuck on with the velcro and three colored, markers that look like frosting tubes and a oven-mitt. The set also came with paper cupcake holder which we have put away because we know that Moo will just rip them right now.
You can store the cupcakes in the “oven tray”. I just wish there was a way to store all of the pieces together, but we kept the box for that. One negative thing I have about this products is the markers did not wash out of Moo’s clothing and we’ve ruined two of her favorite shirts because of it.
Moo has a blast coloring her cupcakes and having mommy erase it so she can color again. I do want to warn you though if you leave the color on there over night it’s really hard to scrub off and even impossible to get off the wood parts.
Over all we LOVE this toy and play with it everyday.