We are moving!!!

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We bought our first house. Never in a million years did I think we’d own a home, we’ve been married for 11 years and only have been renting. it’s nice to finally buy.

The journey here wasn’t easy though. First we tried buying a home that was for-sale-by-owner. MISTAKE. NEVER buy a house form someone who thinks they know what they are doing when selling a house. The owners were mad that they would have to pay commission to our Realtor so they upped their asking price, which was still on the high end of the fair market value. Plus after getting a home inspection we found it would cost us way more then $30,000 to get the house into move in condition. When presented with this issue they replied, “we knew you’d find some problems as our inspector found some”. So WHY did you not fix those problems before listing the house. No one will buy the house at that price with those problems. When we are ready to buy another house we will never buy from someone trying to sell on their own without a realtor. Companies like Property Guys and ComFree should not be encouraging this “stupidity”. Maybe there are people out there that know what they’re doing but most don’t and all they are looking for is to not to have to pay commission, when in reality they will still have to, to the buyer’s realtor. the people we tried to buy from didn’t have a clue at what they needed to do before selling a home and making it easier for a buyer to want to buy. They lost a sale from us and I’m sure many more if they don’t fix the problems in their house and reduce their price. — Something a realtor would have told them BEFORE listing the home.
I suggest that if you are thinking of selling your own home to read this article.

Needless to say we went shopping for another home and found one at a better price and in AMAZING condition. I can’t wait to move in. We will be moving at the beginning of October.
If you are a company who has worked with me in the past and still need my address please email me. I tried emailing everyone but I know I missed someone.

We are busy packing, cleaning and purging out items we don’t need. My blog may be slow for the next 3 weeks, but I am trying to keep up and trying to reply to all emails. Thank you all for your patients.

****NOTE- I was contacted by Comfree and they assured me they actually work with the homeowners on selling their house right.

I didn’t have an experience with anyone selling through Comfree so I can’t give a factual experience. My experience has put a very negative cloud over anyone trying to sell their house on their own. no matter what commission free company they use.