Weight loss Myth #2

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Like I said in my last post, I’m no expert, but I am posting off of experience and what I have learned these past 10 months(67lb loss)

Myth #2- “I don’t want to go on a diet because I can’t enjoy the foods I like”

My Answer-
First off you should never just go on a diet. It should be the mindset that you’re changing the way of life. You want permanent weight loss, not yo-yo weight loss.
Second, you CAN enjoy the foods you love, just in moderation.
I LOVE Kraft Dinner, Pizza Hut Pizza(or any for that matter) and chips. None of which are very healthy. I knew if I would cut them totally out of my life I would cave and then pig out on them.
I use to eat two large bowls full of KD, now I use it as a side dish, usually less then half a cup with grilled chicken & green beans. Or something like that.
I use to be able to eat almost a whole large pizza from Pizza Hut. Now I eat two slices and then a healthy side dish like mixed veggies or cold carrots.
I use to be able to eat a whole bag of chips while watching a movie or at a party. When I’m at a party I avoid the chip bowl, only because I know I’ll just keep eating it, I’ll walk by and grab a handful and do that throughout without even realizing it. At home I get a small bowl and eat just that.
I also want to say I don’t do this everyday. It’s a treat for me. And if I know I’m going to be eating a higher calorie meal I find foods that will be a bit lower throughout the day so I wont go over my calorie count.
Also these foods are high in salt. I drink extra water to compensate for this so I wont feel bloated the next day. AND with ALL foods eat in moderation. You don’t need to eat everything in front of you, you don’t need to clean your plate.

Speaking of water, check back later for Myth #3, I’ll be talking about water.