“Attracted to Fire” book review

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“Attracted to Fire” by DiAnn Mills
“Special Agent Meghan Connors’ dream of one day protecting the president of the United States is about to come true. Only one assignment stands in her way. After the vice president’s rebellious daughter is threatened, Meghan is assigned to her protective detail on a secluded ranch in West Texas. Unfortunately, working with Special Agent in Charge Ash Zinders may be as tough as controlling her charge. Ash has a reputation for being critical and exacting, and he’s also after the same promotion as Meghan. But when the threats escalate and security on the ranch is breached, it becomes clear this isn’t the work of a single suspect—it’s part of a sophisticated plan that reaches deeper and higher than anyone imagined. And only Ash and Meghan can put the pieces together before it’s too late.”

Gloria’s Thoughts(my mother-in-law)-

Attracted to Fire is a fast-paced, high action novel that quickly captures the reader’s attention. DiAnn Mills, the author, uses an excellent mixture of suspense, betrayal and romance in this inspirational story that makes it a difficult book to put down. The reader is cleverly drawn into the lives of the characters and can feel the dangers and joys that are portrayed.

DiAnn Mills has written a number of novels about men and women in various positions of service to their country. In Attracted to Fire, Ms Mills allows the readers to catch a glimpse into the lives of those who work for the Secret Service. Special Agent Meghan Connors and Special Agent in Charge Ash Zinders are sent to work on a secluded Texas ranch to protect the vice president’s rebellious daughter, Lindsay Hall, who had received threats on her life. After Vice President Hall becomes president, the threats intensify. Special Agents Meghan and Ash discover that there is a hole in the security at the ranch. People other than Lindsay, the daughter, also seem to be targeted. They don’t know who the would-be assassin is or who is working for that person. Who can be trusted? As they investigate, Meghan and Ash discover both Lindsay’s secret that kept them all in danger and the deadly conspiracy that is taking place around them. It is only as Meghan, Ash and Lindsay use these resources, can they stop these threats before it is too late.

I would highly recommend this book. The short chapters are filled with lots of action and the suspense makes this book very easy to read. It is also very informative as the author shows the reader the challenges of working as a Secret Service agent. The “Note from the Author” and the discussion questions at the end of the book were also of special interest. Attracted to Fire is a great read!

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