“I Believe In You” book review

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“I Believe In You” by Marianne Richmond
“Inspired by her own four children, Marianne wrote I Believe In You because we all want to know we have someone who truly believes in us, no matter what life is dishing out.
Growing up can be a topsy-turvy journey from schoolwork, friendships, fitting in, and standing out. When children of any age know that they have a fan, they feel more confident to problem sole, endure, and succeed.
I Believe in You encourages kids to look within to find they have all they need to succeed—and to know they always have someone cheering them on.”

My Thoughts-
Again Marianne Richmond puts out an incredible children’s book!! I’ve had the privileged of reviewing her “Night Night” book and I’m happy to have had the chance to review “I Believe In You”.

My girls love having me read them a book before bed. “I Believe in You” is another book they now have on their list of “LOVE” books. After reading it, Lee asked if she could read it in bed with her. Of course we always let her read books in bed, it helps her fall asleep and have “happy dreams”.
This book has fun illustrations that are colorful and have a lot of meaning to the story. The story is one that makes me cry and makes my kids feel loved. It talks about how life may give you ups & downs, that you may fail. But you are loved and I believe in you, what you do, who you are.
Lee asked me after the book if I believed in her and if that book was a true book. “Of course, I believe in you and yes this book is true in my heart. No matter what you do in life, I will love you. When you’re down I will be there to encourage you. When you’re up I will be there to rejoice with you. I love you Lee.”
I think every household should have this book and that every classroom should too. I believe kids need to be encouraged more and more these days and this book will help with that, in a fun loving way.

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