The True Story of Puss ‘N Boots DVD review

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“How would you like to know the real story about Puss ‘N Boots?
Well now you and your little ones can learn all about it with the release of The True Story of Puss ‘N Boots. Coming to DVD from Phase 4 Films, this animated movie is true to the original story based on the famous Puss ‘N Boots character by Charles Perrault.
Starring Emmy and Golden Globe winner William Shatner as the voice of Puss, this movie is a great family film about accomplishing your dreams no matter who you are.”

My Thoughts-
I will have to say this was an interesting video. It had a lot of fun parts but a lot of parts I would not want my child to see and the voice to lips was weird too. I think this might have been a French cartoon first and then dubbed over with English.
I did love the spunk of Puss ‘N Boots. He was just as I would have pictured him from the books I read as a child.
The things I wouldn’t want my child to see were parts of the princesses and how she seemed to get away with being very rude to the people who were there to help. In the end she turned out nice but I just didn’t like how mean she was and I don’t want my children to act like her. The queen was very creepy and would have scared/confused my children. And I didn’t like the whole hidden meaning behind the boy being naked and the queen inviting him to the castle. It was all too weird and would have messed up my kids minds.
Seriously, this movie was a waste of 79 minutes of my life and I’m glad to have previewed it before my children watched it.
I HATE giving bad reviews but I had to be honest with this one. Not worth watching.

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