2 days of coupons and saving $170 this week

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Below are photos of the coupons that came in the mail Thursday and Friday. look forward to a good sale and getting to use them.

These came on Thursday. The following are all from save.ca

-Save $2 any Tylenol Muscle & Body Pain
-Save $3 any Tylenol back Pain
-Save $3 any Tylenol Body pain Night
-Save $4 any 2 Tylenol products
-Save $1.50 any One A Day product
-Save $2 any Imodium product
-Save $1 Johnson’s baby or Penaten Product
-Save $1 any Honey Bunches of Oats
-Save $1 any Danacol yogurt drink
-Save $1 any Naturegg, Simple egg Whites Liquid egg Product
-Save $1 any 2 Mott’s Fruit snacks
-Save $0.75 any thinsations
-Buy 1 get 1 FREE Club House Gravy products

The above came on Thursday from Websaver.ca

-save $10 Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo
-save $2 any 2 SMART Bread product
-save 45 any Dr. Scholl’s Skin tag Remover
-save $5 Glade Automatic Room Spray Holder
-save $0.75 any Green Works dishwashing product
-Buy 3 get 1 FREE any Ziploc brand products
-Save $0.75 any Hershey Seasonal Bagged candy
-save $0.75 any Pot of Gold chocolates (200g-283g)

These came Today, Friday

-Bath & Body Works- Spend $10 or more and get a FREE gift up to $12.50 value
-save $2 any cystoplus (Websaver.ca)
-save $0.50 Pillsbury cookies or cinnamon rolls (Websaver.ca)
-save $1 any Tenderflake Easy Pie! Ready to Bake Pie kit (Websaver.ca)

These were part of the RedPlum coupon insert from our local FREE newspaper. (some of my local friends have been having problems getting their free newspaper. I highly suggest you call the local paper each week until it comes regularly. I called the Waterloo Chronicle every week for 1.5 months until it finally came without me having to call. It’s worth the effort. And the ad companies want you to have their ads, that’s why the paper is free.)

-save $1.50 off Arm & Hammer Spinbrush
-save $1.00 off Arm & Hammer Kids Spinbrush
-save $1.00 off Arm & Hammer GloBrush
-save $0.75 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
-save $0.75 off Blistex Silk & Shine, Deep Renewal or Revive & Restore

This is what I look like each week setting up for my shopping trip. I lay out all the ads and have my coupon book handy. I get a list of what we need first looking for the best price and then seeing if I have a coupon for it. I write down which ad it’s in and the price and the savings. After I’ve gone through them all I figure out which store I have the most product selected at and we shop there, using the other store’s ads for a price-match if it’s cheaper then the store I’m shopping at. To find out store policies on coupons and price-match I visit SaveaLoonie.com.
This week I saved $100(mainly in coupons) shopping. It was a smaller list this week, which was nice because the store was crazy busy.
We also saved $40 on a gift for Chris and $30 on a gift for me at Futureshop. I found my info for these deals at Coupee.ca.