Childhood Memories- BINGO

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When I was a kid, my brother and I LOVED playing BINGO together. We would spend hours playing together in one given day. We wouldn’t win anything except bragging rights on who won the most games, LOL. I also loved that we used hard shells of macaroni while playing and sometimes I’d eat them instead of using them for the game. I know very weird. Well that was way back when(1980’s, yikes) and it’s now a new era.

Online bingo games are the new way to play. And although there aren’t any macaroni pieces to eat it’s still tons of fun. And being far away from my brother we can still play against each other and have bragging right on who won the most. Online bingo can be played for free or you can pay a variety of prices and win real prizes that way.

Whether you play the board game or online bingo, it’s still fun. You still have that “B5” being called. And even if no one can hear you while playing online you can still shout “BINGO!” when you win.
Disclosure: This is a compensated post. the wording is my own.