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Spike Your Juice
“The Spike Your Juice Story
When Spike Your Juice founders Hansi Rudolph and Stefan Rauber met six years ago at their childrens Los Angeles scool, they were two dads bonding over arithmetic homework and soccer practice. But four years ago, Rudolph a Stanford educated Emmy Award winning news editor, and Rauber, a successful architect and son of one of Europe’s leading restaurateurs started reminiscing about items they were homesick for in the US. At the top of their list was Federweisser, a fizzy grape cocktail only available during the harvest months of September and October in limited wine-making regions of Europe. They soon obtained the recipe for the original yeast mixture, intent on creating a formula that captured the drinks essence – fruity and bubbly.
The result was Spike Your Juice, a DIY kit for consumers using juice and Spike’s proprietary recipe.”

My Thoughts-
I decided to review Spike Your Juice. One because we like a good drink once and awhile and two because I knew I could control the sugar content in my drink, making it a bit healthier for me.
The instructions said I could start to drink it within 48 hours but we decided to wait for over a week. The only mistake I did was use cranberry juice, I think it would have tasted better if I used grape or apple. This drink was very powerful, after one drink I had a buzz.
The process was easy. You buy 100% fruit juice, dump the packet in and then wait. Within 2 days it was bubbling like crazy and after a week we were satisfied with the results.
Over all I am very impressed with Spike Your Juice and I will be making another batch with grape juice this time. It’s easy to make and really works.

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