Celebrating 1 year on TV!!

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Never in a million years did I think I would be on TV even once let alone 8 times now. And never did I think I’d be doing it with my blog. But I’m here today to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being on Rogers TV cable 20 on a show called ‘daytime’. I’ve reviewed, books, toys, clothing, health/fitness and foods. And on top of that as you can see from the photo above I’ve gotten smaller since the first time I was on. -LOL

I love going on ‘daytime’ and always look forward to the next time they ask me to come back. I’m glad they like me because I LOVE them. I love being on the set and seeing all the behind the scenes stuff. I love meeting the guests for that day and learning more about the community. I LOVE talking with Susan and Jay. The whole thing is just so amazing and I’ve met so many great people through it all. I hope I will have more chances to be on the show and share some more awesome products in the future.

Having a B.A. in TV production it’s waaayyy fun to be there. If I could I would just sit there all day and take it all in. But being a mommy comes first and I’ll live my dreams through each appearance I get to do.

HUGE thank yous to Rogers TV, ‘daytime’, Susan, Karen & Jay. Love you all.

Here is a list of all my appearances I’ve done so far-
December 2010- Rogers TV Cable 20
January 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20
February 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20
April 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20
June 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20
Sept 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20
Oct 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20
Dec 2011- Rogers TV Cable 20