Disney – Enchanted Hair Rapunzel review

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-Pretty young Rapunzel has the most beautiful long hair that is so much fun to brush and when you do, her hair magically glows!
-The 15-inch doll comes beautifully dressed and includes a tiara, brush and mirror.
-Now you can share in the magic and adventure of Rapunzel’s world, too

My Thoughts-
“Santa” brought Lee this beautiful Rapunzel doll for Christmas. She had been asking for one for almost a whole year now, so to see her face LIGHT up when seeing it was priceless.
I was excited for this doll too until Lee tried brushing it’s hair. The company had some kind of product on the hair to make it look wavy in the packaging but made it impossible for my child to brush. The whole purpose of this doll was to brush her hair and see it light up. I spent a good hour brushing out the doll’s hair, before Lee could do it herself. About a handful of that hair fell out in the process.
But that is my only negative thought on this doll. Since fixing that problem Lee takes her around everywhere. And just before bed brushes her hair out and puts it in a ponytail, to keep it from tangling. Just like we do with Lee’s hair before bed. It’s very cute to see Lee treat this doll like a little girl and take care of her.
I love seeing Lee’s face when the hair lights up. “See mommy, she has magic hair! I want magic hair someday too.” AWWW.
Would I recommend this toy? Only to those who have patients for getting the hair brush-able. But it is worth the time to see your little girl’s face so happy.

We bought this doll at Toys-R-Us. Product photo and product info came from toysrus.ca