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Maplelea™ is a distinctively Canadian play experience featuring a collection of premium play dolls that celebrate our country’s spirit and identity. This system blends traditional toys with interactive literature and contemporary role models to provide girls with wholesome, imaginative, and educational entertainment.
Childhood is short enough, and girls should be able to savour every moment of it. Maplelea promotes the simplicities of girlhood and offers gentle learning and life lessons.
Maplelea dolls are to be played with today and treasured forever.”

My Thoughts-
Lee loves dolls. I love seeing her play with dolls. So when I discovered a company called Maplelea Girls and saw they celebrate Canadian culture/heritage, I couldn’t wait to get her one.
From how the doll came packaged to the actual doll I was amazed and in love. This Maplelea Girl, named Saila (sigh-la) is from Iqaluit, Nunavut and is from a Inuit family. She has a very beautiful face and hair. I love that they traveled to Nunavut and learned more about the culture and clothing, to make this doll even more real to Canadians.

Each Maplelea Girl comes with a journal written in both English and French and Saila also has a Inuktitut section. The journal tells of stories of the girls and where they are from, along with sharing some of their favorites. The dolls are 18″ vinyl play dolls and you can purchase many different clothing and accessories for them. We also got a hair brush for our girl. Lee wants Saila’s- Katajjaq Giggles, Nukilik & Nanuq, and the bedroom set. I would love to get her the matching PJ’s for her and her doll(way too cute).

Lee LOVES her new doll and takes so good care of her. She even said, “she’s like me, Canadian, dark hair, brown eyes and is wearing purple, purple is my favorite color.” Every night she tucks her into a bed and kisses her good night. I’ve never seen her take so much pride in her dolls and she loves her dolls a lot. Lee also loves going through the journal and talking about all the things Saila loves.
Saila a Maplelea Girl is a hit with my child. (see video and photo below). And with Christmas just around the corner I think they would make a great gift for your girl too.

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