“Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler” book review

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“Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler” by Susan Smith with Miranda Paul– Illustrated by Kristine Marsh
“Kids will love to read along to this beautiful full colour glossy picture book as they discover how Norbert came to be the first Nightmare Nibbler sent to Earth in search of yummy bad dreams to fill up his belly with!”

My Thoughts-
Back in February I had the joy of being introduced to Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler, you can read my review here. We loved him so much we even brought him on TV.
The people at the Nightmare Nibbler company has recently released a full-color book telling us the story of where Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler came from and we learn why he was chosen to come and save our kids for their bad dreams.
Norbert comes from the Nightmare Nibbler Nation. His friends all know he LOVES to eat nightmares, in fact for a little guy he eats more then anyone else. One day there comes a plea from planet Earth to save their kids from bad dreams. As all the Nightmare Nibblers wait to see who gets picked, Norbert is thinking it wont be him, as he’s so small. As we all know, Norbert was picked and now we have him here to help our kids. I can honestly say that Lee can’t sleep without her Nibbler, she carries him around everywhere. Moo has been asking for a Nibbler of her own. So this Christmas their, Mama & Papa bought Moo a Nightmare Nibbler and lee this book. Both girls were SUPER happy upon opening their gifts. And Lee wanted me to read the book right away.

The book is only 28 pages long, the perfect length for little ones to sit and read with you. The drawings are totally cute. Lee even said she hopes more Nightmare Nibblers can come down to visit as they are all so cute.
Lee got excited when I told her the book was written by someone who live in Canada. And even more excited when she figured out that the Sam in the book is the same name as the author’s son. “I bet you mommy that the boy in the book is the same Sam as her son”. Way too cute.

If you’re looking to buying a Nightmare Nibbler and this amazing book, you can buy the COMBO on their site.

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The Nightmare Nibbler Project– giving back to those in need. Please see their website for info on how you can help.
Disclaimer- We were given this book as a gift from a family member for Christmas. We were not asked to write a review, but we do support this company 100% and hope you will check them out.