Deluxe Baby Sign Language Kit- review

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“Two years ago, we developed because of our own frustration as new parents wanting to understand our baby’s needs with fewer tears (from parent and child!) and discovered that sign language was the key! So we set out to help other parents with a whole range of free resources to help them learn sign language and teach it to their children.
Now we are very happy to be introducing our first set of products specifically designed to help you and your baby learn sign language together! Our Deluxe Baby Sign Language kit includes a Baby Sign Language Book, DVD, Flash Cards and super-convenient wall chart so the whole family can share sign language with your child. The set has an introductory price of only $39.95. Imagine fewer tears, except tears of joy, when your baby can sign “Milk” to tell you she is thirsty or “More” if he hasn’t filled his tummy yet!”

My Thoughts-

(This is my kit, I put the white boxes over the poster to avoid others copying it, sorry)

We used sign language with both our girls and when/if I have anymore kids I will be using it too. I really wish I had the resources from Although we used sign language we didn’t know a lot of words, so communication was still a bit rough with our little ones.
Sign Language helps you talk with your kids before they can talk. I knew when my kids wanted milk, needed a diaper change or wanted more. They even learned manors by signing please and thank you.
The Baby Sign Language Book would have been extremely handy when they were younger. I love the poster with the common words we use with them everyday. I think i would hang this in the babies room or in the toy room as a reminder of how to sign the words.
The Deluxe Baby Sign Language kit also comes with two books. One of the books is a “how to” book in sign language. It helps you learn the basics and progresses to signing phrases. The other book is like a dictionary with a large amount of words to sign. Both books will come in very handy when another comes along.

The last part I got to review is the set of cards. You can see the photo below as an example. One side is a photo of the word and the other is the actual sign. What I love about these is not only do they teach how to sign but it will also help your child to start to learn to read. I even used this will Lee, my 5 year old as flash cards to learn to read. I love when something has a multiple uses.


Over all I am highly impressed with The Deluxe Baby Sign Language kit. I would highly encourage all soon to be parents or new parents to check out this company. And even if your kids are older they still can learn something from this.

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