Flirty Girl Fitness Live- intro review

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What Is Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE?
“Flirty Girl Fitness revolutionized women’s fitness by creating the “un-gym,” a studio where clients feel fabulous trying fun, new workouts! Flirty Girl Fitness Live allows our members, as well as women all over the world, to take part in their favorite Flirty Girl Classes LIVE.
We stream 3-4 classes a day from the Toronto studio, giving you many daily options to spice up your fitness routine! These classes are uncut and unedited so you don’t miss a moment with your favorite instructors.”

My Thoughts-
Below are my first two days of one week of classes I will be joining at Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE. Each class is streamed live daily or I love that if you can’t make it to the live class you can catch up with the current workout in the next 24 hours. Although some classes require no equipment to workout a lot do. Items like Bender Ball, hand weights, resistance bands, Medicine balls, pilates balls, 2 pound gel ball, handle balls and Boxing gloves, just to name a few, are needed to workout. These items can be found at most big name stores or fitness stores. Just be sure to figure out what classes you’d like to take ahead of time to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

Stretch Yoga- Tuesday, Jan 17th- Karey
“Invigorate your body and mind with Stretch Yoga . This classic Hatha class focuses on breathing and relaxation. Treat yourself to this class after you’ve finished any of our more intense classes, and experience the deep relaxation and breathing techniques that will put your mind and body at ease after any busy day.”
No Equipment- but could use yoga blocks.
-Not for beginner yoga people but doable. I had a hard time doing all the moves but tried my best and tried relaxing through each move. It’s a little over an hour long. After I was done my body felt so relaxed and was ready for bed. I planned on doing this an hour before bed so I could release the tension in my body so I could sleep better. I loved the instructor’s voice, nice and calming too. I can’t wait to do this class again.

30 Min Express Abs- Wednesday, Jan 18- Penny
“GET FIT FAST! 60 minutes of HARD-CORE content CRUNCHED down into 30 minutes of ABS sculpting, bikini shaping class time. Work twice as hard for half the time for the most ABS-solutely amazing results!”
Equipment Used: Bender Ball and hand weights
– I had a hard time finding a class to workout with today, as I didn’t have any equipment ‘required” to use at home. But I went with the 30 Min Express Abs. I had the hand weights just not the ball, but ended up not needed the ball mentioned. This was a tough workout, my abs hurt right after the workout, lol. The only thing I didn’t like was the instructor didn’t have a good count down to how many we were going to do. Sometimes we’d do 10, others 23, and sometimes she’d count down from 10 and then add 5 more to it. It would make it easier to keep going it I knew how many I was doing. But other then that I LOVED this class, I know my abs will love it too.
I also want to mention that I did this class live, so wherever the class was filmed from was being done at the same time I was working out. The streaming had no glitches or laggs.

-I will be back here next week to talk about the rest of the week and my let you know my thoughts. So far I’m in love.

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free 1 week membership to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.