Spin12 for St. Mary’s Cardiac Care- Please support

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“The goals of Spin12 are two fold; number one is to raise money for a great local charity, St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre. Goal number two is to raise money to help world-class, Ontario based athletes with their training expenses.

–In addition, Ontario athlete funding will be derived from portions of each team’s entry fee. These athletes will be identified by local training organizations to a special committee, and will have the potential to compete at a National or World Class level.

SpinALIVE hopes that our efforts through Spin12 will help to enhance world-class cardiac services in Waterloo Region and beyond, and help local athletes one day realize their competitive dreams.”

Join me as I pedal towards a healthier future for myself and my community!
This event means a lot to me on many levels. First one is 6 years ago my dad had quadruple by-pass surgery and even though he didn’t have surgery at St Mary’s I support the fact they have an amazing cardiac centre. Second this is a way to show my blog readers and family/friends how dedicated I am to being healthy and the depths I’ll go to work on my health(1 hour spin class is no joke). And Third one of my goals this year is to support local charities as much as I can. Thank you for your support.

I hope to raise at least $400 towards this event and for St Mary’s. You can click HERE to reach my fundraising page. Thank you all for your support.

Here is a photo of my cool daddy, I call him Pa. I’m thankful everyday that he is still here with us. Love you Pa. I’m doing this for you and others like you.