The Push-up Challenge!

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This morning one of my friends posted this on her facebook page. I LOVED the idea a lot and thought I’d take up the challenge. I posted it on both my personal page and my bassgiraffe’s Thoughts page. I told people they could click “like” on both and it will count twice. I combined the “likes” on both pages and it ended up being 57 push-ups. Part of my promise was that I would video tape it. I had no clue how many I’d get and I wasn’t sure if I’d do them “girly” style or regular or a combo of both. In the end I decided to do girly style.
Thank you all for your support, this was a fun challenge.

So, we didn’t know the camera cut out after 5 push-ups, but after we finally noticed we recorded on a different camera the rest. My arms are like rubber and in the end I didn’t do my push-ups very pretty, but I did them. I even had my friend Matt here to keep me accountable. I wish we would have seen the video cut out because I was pretty funny around #30 and on. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do this challenge again sometime. In fact let’s plan it now. I will post the above photo again on Feb 26th and try to do better. I’m starting a new workout program this coming month and I hope to be stronger with it.

P.S. I hate the angle of the video when I’m talking, look at all my chins. boo…