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The Amazing Mat comes from a new and innovative company dedicated to bringing this wonderful product to homes around the globe. It is the result of taking a viable and successful idea in one commercial area and bringing it to the home market. Based in Southern CA, The Amazing Mat Company is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. Our products are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee (less shipping costs).”

My Thoughts-
When you think health and the health of your family I’m sure the first thing you don’t think about if your floor mats. But if you do stop and think about it, it’s one of the dirtiest places in your house. You walk into your house, you have no clue what’s on your shoes(or maybe you do, dog poo? gum?). Needless to say you’ve brought in a lot of germs just wiping your feet on your front mat. I know we use to steam clean our mat twice a year but that really doesn’t make it a healthy place for my kids to be around.
The Amazing Mat has thought of all of this and even more. Each mat comes with numbered layers that you can peel off often. Each layer is also numbered helping you know when you’re getting close to needing to order a new one.
When I first heard of The Amazing Mat, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. Would it be a cheap piece of plastic, will the peeling layers come off easily? Will it work in my door?
I can say this does not look cheap and we’ve had so many comments on where we bought our “welcome” mat. When I tell them what it is they are all amazed. The layers peel off nice and easily and don’t leave a bad sticky residue on the next layer(there is a slight stickiness but it goes away after a few days which means it’s time to change to new layer). The stickiness picks up all the dirt but you don’t stick to the mat. In fact what I love is usually during this time of year I have salt all over my house, the Amazing Mat has picked this up and I’ve saved my floor from annoying salt. And it’s the perfect size for in front of our door.
We love The Amazing Mat so much we’re thinking about getting one for our garage door way too.
It’s perfect for all families and even more perfect for those of you with little kids who like to crawl around. You can be sure the mat is clean and safe for them to touch.

FIND it-

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