Bring on the Sunshine, Family Day Event- Feb 2012

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“Bring on the Sunshine is a grassroots event partnered with the African Canadian Association and the KW Multicultural Center. We are run by a small but dedicated team of volunteers, of both African and Canadian origin.” for more info please visit

In Ontario, Canada we have a day in February called, Family Day. There is no school or work. The second Lee heard it was Family Day she asked, “Do we get to go to that church with the fun drums and where I got William from?” We went last year and evidently it made a huge impact on my oldest. I had a great time last year too so I looked up to see if the event was going on. I was very excited to find that it was.
Bring on the Sunshine started at 11AM and Lee wanted to make sure we were there right when it opened, she didn’t want to miss a thing. The first place we visited was the Market Place. She bought her baby boy, William there last year and wanted to give him a sister. She saved up as much money as she could so she could buy a new baby doll. She picked out the one pictured below with William and named her Lexy. I want to send a special thank you to for being so kind to Lee and helping her get that special/perfect baby sister for William.

At the market place, later on int he day, I also stopped by the Bracelet of Hope booth and purchased a red & white bracelet to help raise funds and awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa. They had a lot of beautiful bracelets and beaded key-chains I would have loved to get too, but time and money was getting short and so was Moo’s patients.

The next thing we enjoyed was some entertainment. We got to listen to an acapella grouped named, Soul Influence. They had two guys and one girl in the group. I LOVED their sound and Moo loved it too, she couldn’t stop dancing to their music. I also loved that they brought us music from all around Africa and took the time to explain the songs to those of us who didn’t understand the words. Below is a very short video, just a taste of their sound. I hope to find more concert around so we can listen to them longer.

Lee and I enjoying the concert-

After the concert we headed down for some lunch. The girls and I had hot dogs but Chris had some meat, collard greens and a special African Cornmeal Mush. I then enjoyed a Samosa, I love those things and these were the best I’ve ever tasted.

We had a BLAST again this year at Bring on the Sunshine and hope they continue to do it every year. I love having a place that I can bring my children, they can have fun and learn a lot at the same time. A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this happen. Hope to see you next year.

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Bracelet of Hope
Soul Influence