Naturalis EASY CREAM Organic Anti-Aging Cream- review

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“Aloe Vera EASY CREAM is an extraordinary organic anti-aging cream. Thanks to its precious, organic active principles it is able to help our skin fight aging in a very visible way.
Aloe Vera EASY CREAM creates an immediate and lasting natural lifting effect; it leaves the skin smooth and velvet like and gives a new brilliance and freshness to the tired ares of our face.
Aloe Vera EASY CREAM is an organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Italy.
Aloe Vera EASY CREAM has been realized with pure Aloe Vera gel, and it’s been made precious with Argan Olil, Jaluronic Acid and Hibiscus seed proteins. EASY CREAM is an anti-aging cream with the same results but a fewer effect at skin level. You use it as a daily face cream. EASY CREAM is used daily on the face and neck area.”

My Thoughts-
I love working with and have fallen in love many of their products. I was very excited to try a new product from their Naturalis line called Aloe Vera EASY CREAM.
I was right in being excited. The cream goes on nice and smoothly and is not heavy for your skin. It also have a nice flower type scent, maybe from the Hibiscus seed proteins? And after a week of using it my skin is very soft and already is looking younger. I have less lines around my eyes and mouth, the two parts of my body I’m embarrassed by with the lines. They may be small to others but to me they looked like huge lines. With Aloe Vera EASY CREAM I’m feeling better about those lines.
As with other products in the AcquaEssentials line, I would totally recommend this product. It makes your skin feel and look great and has a lovely smell.

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