Pambra- review

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My Thoughts-

I was very interested in trying out the Pambra. It’s a liner that fits just under your bra to help absorb the annoying sweat you get under your breasts and onto your bra, making you feel all yucky all day. At least that’s how I would describe how I felt before trying out the Pambra.
Each package comes with 3 of the same color Pambra. I choose black as most of my clothing is darker and my bras are black too. I found it very easy to insert the liner under my bra. I also found it very comfortable to wear. In fact I forgot I had it in until night time when I took my bra off. I did notice that I didn’t have that sweat that sometimes collects on the underside of your bra anymore. And as the company points out, that means I don’t have to wash my bra as much. That is a double bonus as my bras are all hand-wash only and such a pain in the bum to do. The Pambra is washer & dryer safe, making it easy to just throw in with the rest of my laundry.
If you’re looking for a great solution to a more comfortable bra and less wear & tear on your bras I highly suggest you check out the Pambra. It comes in three colors and in packs of three(of one color). You really can’t go wrong.

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