Spin12 update- THANK YOU

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Thank you all for your love and support through out these past 2 weeks. I was able to make 81% of my goal and I felt so supported through all your kind words and encouragement. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please check out my post about Spin12.

For the past two weeks I have been training hard for this event. I would wake up before my girls would wake up and either do elliptical or bike for 30 minutes. Later on in the day I would do my 10 Minute Trainer(actually 15 minutes with warm up & cool down) then followed by another 30 minutes of cardio, then after the kids where in bed I did another 45 minutes of cardio. All for a total of 2 hours a day. I wanted to make sure I would have enough energy and endurance to get through this hour Spin Class.

I got to the Rebel Creek Golf Club around 10:45, my Spin time was 11AM. I gave them my registration form and received my t-shirt(size 2xl, it’s all they had left, lol), a bike bell from CTV and a water bottle.

After the class before me left their bikes I hopped on and started to warm up. I wasn’t sure if I had it all set correctly but it felt right.

Once the class started I noticed I was Spinning next to someone who looked fit and athletic. I tried very hard to keep up with her. Later on I found out she is Mandy Bujold. She is a local athlete, a boxer and a future Olympian. It was cool to know I was trying keep up with someone so fit and didn’t “die” in the process.
I talked with the Spin teacher afterwards and she told me that she didn’t just teach a “beginner class” today either. That if I was able to keep up I did amazing. That made me feel good too. In fact I really loved doing this spin class that I hope I can find one to join sometime soon. Great cardio workout. My legs are a bit sore but not really that bad.

I was also excited to finally meet and online friend who I have been talking to for at least 2 years now, but never had met her in person. Thanks Trina for letting me know about this event.

Thank you again to ALL of you. I will make a facebook post sometime in the next week with the final numbers raised for this event.