“THE CHINA GAMBIT” book review

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“THE CHINA GAMBIT” by Allan Topol
“National bestselling author Allan Topol returns with a thrilling new trilogy of international intrigue. THE CHINA GAMBIT (Vantage Point; $14.95; January 2012) introduces Craig Page, a daring and resourceful former CIA agent, now fighting terrorism in Europe after being unceremoniously fired from the agency. After his daughter Francesca — a New York City reporter investigating the biggest story of her young career — dies in an “automobile accident,” Craig is instinctively convinced that she was murdered and sets out to find answers…and vengeance.
Joined by Francesca’s editor, the gutsy and equally resourceful Elizabeth Crowder, Craig soon begins to peel back the conspiracy layer by layer, eventually learning that Francesca was just collateral in a much larger ultimate target: The United States. “

MATT’S Thoughts-
Craig Page, a former CIA agent, sets out to uncover his daughter Francesca’s killer, who was on the biggest story of her reporting career. Craig teams up with Elizabeth Crowder, Francesca’s editor. The unlikely duo, on a mission to solve a murder, comes across a conspiracy leading from China through to a CIA director; taking Craig and Elizabeth all over the world to find answers. As the story unfolds you realize that this is more than finding Craig’s daughter’s killer, as this conspiracy could change the world. You see the fate of the world lying in the hands of Craig, and in a state of wonderment, you begin to ask yourself “can he really save the world?”

The China Gambit is a great read! Allan Topol is an amazing writer, very articulate, giving a story that is detailed and easy to follow, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was in a state of suspense, and not wanting to put the book down, always wanting to know what happened next. If it is suspense and a thriller novel that you seek, then look no further, this is the book for you. I am waiting in anticipation for Allan Topol’s next book The Spanish Revenge.

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