Cangles now offers autism awareness/support jewelry

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I have a lot of friends and family members who have children with autism. I am happy to know one of my favorite, eco-friendly companies, Cangles, has recently released a new line of autism awareness/support jewelry. Not only does the jewelry help raise awareness, it’s also cute AND with each purchase, Cangles will donate $1 to Autism Speaks! WOW!
You can read a bit of their press-lease below.

“Designed with the assistance of Isaiah’s mom, Julie, we have a general support product in the necklace.

What was very important to Julie was a way of identifying her son in the event he wandered off. For that reason, we are offering a personalized bracelet that comes with an attached clasp that the wearer cannot remove. The phrase “I Am Human Too” and the colorful autism symbol is on the cuff. You may have a name and phone number, one or both, added if you wish. A similar product but without making it personalized, you may select the cuff without the clasp.

The final item is a 1/2″ cuff with a puzzle piece charm with the words” I Love Someone With Autism” on the band. This particular bracelet will be available for sale next week, but you may place your order now if you wish. Of course a portion of each sale will be donated. We’ve chosen Autism Speaks™ as the 501(c)(3), again at the recommendation of Isaiah’s mom. Starting today and through the month of April, we’re offering a 10% discount, so after registering and when a promo code is prompted, enter AUTISM.

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