March 5, 2012- Rogers TV apperance “daytime”

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I had the privilege again to be on Rogers Cable 20 out of Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario area, on the show ‘daytime’, this was my 11th appearance on the show. The show airs LIVE at noon and then re-air at 3, 6 & 11.

I still can’t believe I get to do this. I have so much fun on “daytime” and I love meeting the guests on the show too. One guest I was excited about was a Local artist, Peter Etril Snyder. He started a painting a few months back and we have been seeing updates through out to see the progress of the art work and how it changed from start to finish. It was so exciting to get to finally see the finished product. It was amazing!!

Today Jay Chagnon was the host talking to me. He always makes me laugh and to be honest I’m always afraid I’ll laugh too hard on TV. But I guess that’s not a bad thing, being happy is contagious, right?

I got to talk about some perfect products to use for March break and ideas to do during this coming week.
I talked about a product to bring with you to the beach, if you’re one of the lucky ones to get away from the coldness of the beach. The product is called Sand Gone. It was invented by a mom and is safe for my family to use. It works wonders at getting the sand off and the residue that comes with it. The second product I introduced was a DVD called Storyland Yoga. Instead of sitting in front of the TV all day on a rainy day why not have your kids be entertained with a story about Whales and Condors while getting exercise. I know Lee loves doing it and I love doing it with her. The last thing I talked about is things you can do outdoors. At first I was trying hard to find a product to use outside but then Lee pointed out that we don’t NEED anything to have fun outside. She came up with the idea of doing an obstacle course using a few things we picked up at a dollar store, such as a jump-rope, hula-hoop and a ball. Also every year we go out to our local park and school and pick up garbage. Then when we get home we sort through the garbage and put it in recycling and compost and the rest into garbage. We love doing this every year. It’s a great workout, we’re doing something for our community and I’m teaching my kids the importance of recycling and taking care of our planet.

I love doing this. The TV thing. I’m always nervous but have so much fun it makes it worth it all. I will be back on “daytime” March 16th talking about St Patrick’s Day craft ideas to do with your kids. I look forward to it.

Thank you Rogers Cable 20 and Jay Chagnon. Also a HUGE thank you to Sand Gone, Storyland Yoga and Linda for helping with this show.

I also have done reviews of these companies on my blog below are the links to the reviews-
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My segment below

I love this image. “daytime’s mommy blogger”. I will take that title proudly. *smiles*

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I was not paid to review these items or to come on this TV show. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours. (Just wanted to add I have never been paid for a review or for doing ‘daytime’ Rogers TV)