No More excuses

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This post will make a few of you mad or defensive. Heck a year and four months ago this post would have ticked me off. But knowing that I’ve been there and conquered that I need to post this. I’m hoping I can get my words out correctly and help motivate some of you to get fit, to get healthy. This isn’t just for those of you who need to loose weight, it’s also for everyone who isn’t fit(not all muscles, just fit)

When I have 245lbs I used every excuse in the book to not exercise, get fit and loose weight. And recently I have had a lot of friends giving me excuses to not exercise too. Below are a few excuses I’ve had in the past and still struggle with and a few I’ve heard from friends.

“I have no time”– Wow, I don’t know how many times I’ve used this excuse and still “try” to use it now. I even have others try to convince me that they have no time either. But I’m here to tell you that you ALL have TIME. You should have at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to give up for your own health. That’s all it takes to help with your fitness health.
I also want to say that I’m a full time mom, full time blogger and a full time house wife. Some people think that’s not much but my day starts nice and early(I’m not a morning person) and I don’t stop until the girls go to bed after 7:30PM, then I work on my blog for 2-4 hours a night and still get house work done. I always thought and still some times feel I have no time. But I have found time and everyday I take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to get in a fitness workout. I don’t do all those 2 hours at once, I space them out when I have time, 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there. I’ve done this enough now that I couldn’t go a day without doing it. It’s become a daily need, not a “have-to”. It’s like drinking water and eating food and breathing to me. I need those things and I need to workout. You all need to workout to some level. Walking 20-30 minutes a day is better then doing nothing.
So, when you ask me to help you get fit, please don’t even try to do the “I have no time” excuse. I won’t let you get away with it.
“I have no energy”- Of course you have no energy, you’re heart and lungs are out of shape. And if you are like I was and have a lot of extra weight on you, you’re going to feel tired, A LOT. I have always tired, sometimes I still am(usually those are the days I know I need to workout). You need to make sure you’re eating properly(enough calories) and getting enough rest to workout. But don’t let eating bad and lack of sleep prevent you or give you an excuse to get out of working out. Once you’re use to a daily fitness routine your body will thrive on the endorphins it gets from working out. I find on days |I’m most tired that after working out I have more energy then I did 30 minutes before.
So when you tell me”I have no energy today”, I will tell you to get off your duff and get moving.
“My back hurts”, “My knees hurt”, “my something hurts”Before I start on this one, please if you’re in pain go to your doctor and get things checked out. It could be your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.
With that being said, I used the above excuses a lot. But what did I expect? I have obese and my bones couldn’t handle all the extra weight I was putting on them. I need to loose weight and I needed to strengthen my muscles. Look at the people on the Biggest Looser. A lot of them had joint pain, bad knees, back aches. But that was because they were demanding their body to carry too much weight. Once the weight started coming off and their muscles got stronger they found they could do so much more then they ever dreamed of.
Also, if you do have bad knees, bad back or aches there are still workouts you can do. Low impact walking, swimming, lighter weights. I say, keep moving and you’re doing something for yourself. There is always something you can do to be moving. Talk to your doctor about what would work for you.
“I don’t have enough money”– So many people think they have to have a gym membership, expensive equipment or a bunch of workout videos. Yes those are nice and helpful but not necessary. If you have ground to walk on you have the perfect gym. If you have book, water bottles or even a jug of milk then you have the perfect weights. Get creative, there is free stuff all around you to help you get fit. You can even go to your local library and check out a fitness video of a few days to try it out. Some libraries let you check out videos for free others it is only a dollar or two to check out. You can give up your morning coffee/tea/soda for a few days to pay for a buck or two, right? You’re in this for your fitness, right?
When I started out I have nothing, just my feet and the ground to walk on. I did this for 4 months, eventually I have acquired other means for working out but my favorite is still walking.
“I’m not a fitness person”, “I’m not a runner”-– Have any of you seen my “before:” photo at the top of my blog? Do I look like I wanted to be a fitness person? Do I look like someone who loves to run? I get a chuckle out of this excuse, especially from those who knew the “fat” me. I ask, “Do you really think you’ll get away with that excuse with me?”
I still don’t think of myself as a fitness person and I HATE running. But I still workout daily. And recently I started a new challenge for myself called “couch to 5k“. The point of it is to get you from not being a runner to running a 5k in 9 weeks. I am in no way a runner, nor do I dream of being a full time runner. But I find if I put myself a challenge then it motivates me to workout more. The same thing worked for me when I used RevAbs, I committed to the 90 days and told myself I had to complete it.
You may not be a fitness person, or a runner but you need to do something to keep you motivated to workout. Challenger yourself to be able to walk 1 mile in 30 minutes, then once you achieve that challenge yourself to walk that same mile in 20 minutes and so on. And most importantly tell someone about this challenge, they will help you stay on track.
Those are just a few of the excuses I’ve had and encountered. If you’re serious about getting healthy then you need to commit. Commit to eating healthy daily. Commit to doing some form of physical activity daily. Commit to yourself that you really want this. Don’t let yourself talk yourself out of being healthy. We’re our worst enemies.
Tell someone your goals, heck do what I did and tell the whole world wide web about your goals. My blog sure helped me stay accountable in staying fit and getting healthy. I definitely have not been perfect and I have shared my down falls when I’ve messed up. So, share with someone, start a group to help each other, do something to help you reach your goals.
You can do this, your life is important to you and others around you. Don’t let the little excuses get in your way of a healthy life.