Peter Etril Snyder- Painting Doctor

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I first heard of Peter Etril Snyder when he was on Rogers TV a few months ago. He was creating an art piece from photographs that were of local places and people. He was then back on this past week to show us the finished project. He told us that he did a lot of changes throughout the project and that if you were to strip down the painting you’d see several layers of different paintings. I think this is what draws me to his work. I love that he’s not afraid to make mistakes or change from his original idea to make the painting a perfect story.

I really wish I could paint or even come up with an idea to start and put it down on paper. But if you are one of those people who like to paint I think you would love to check out the Painting Doctor. It’s a free program that Peter Etril Snyder has started. If you are stuck on finishing your project, you can scan or photograph your artwork and email it to Peter Etril Snyder. He will print it out and paint over it and scan the new idea(suggestion) and email it back to you. I think this is a brilliant idea.
If you would like to contact Peter Etril Snyder you can email him at
The above artwork are just a few of Peter Etril Snyder’s paintings.